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Isla de Caño
(Caño Island)

aerial photo of isla de cañoIsla de Caño is located 9 miles (15 km) off the Osa Peninsula, the southern coast of Costa Rica. It's best known as one of the premier snorkeling and diving spots in Costa Rica.

While the island of Isla de Caño is just a little more than one square mile in size, the biological reserve extends an additional ten square miles into the sea. The island is surrounded by five coral platforms offering a haven for sea urchins, giant conch, lobsters, fish, rays, eels, giant sea turtles and sharks. Schools of fish often number in the hundreds, if not thousands. And the water is crystal clear so seeing all this sea life while snorkeling is no problem at all.

spottted eagle rayIn contrast to the surrounding waters, and the other reserves visited on this trip, Isla de Caño itself, is surprisingly sparse in animal and plant-life. But, for those interested in history, the island has archeological importance as it was used by pre-Columbian natives as a burial ground. There are several unexplained, almost perfectly spherical, large carved stones placed around the island which seem to indicate that the island was also of commercial trade importance.

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Isla de Caño can be visited on our 6-day tours.

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